The Wisdom Deck

The Wisdom Deck ~ A Buddhist Guide to Playing the Cards You’re Dealt Without Getting Lost in the Shuffle is a 52-card compilation of essential Buddhist teachings and practices. Each card is distilled into a concise format for clear understanding and easy reference. A descriptive supplementary book and a beautifully designed convenient box accompany the cards. The teachings and practices contained are designed to support anyone interested in developing a better understanding of a meditation practice and spiritual principles.

The Wisdom Deck contains skillful instructions on how to begin and end a sitting meditation practice. Many cards can be used as a guide to provide encouragement and to navigate through the tough times in our lives when we face illness and loss, depression and grief, fear and anxiety. They are meant to aid in transforming life challenges and finding inspiration to heal and embody spiritual truths. They also provide clarity and insight to be calm and to respond to life with wisdom without getting lost in the shuffle of our daily dramas.

Using these cards assists in developing our minds into an open and accepting way of living. We each have an inner inclination towards happiness and peace. Using these practices allows us to create beautiful, beneficial and wholesome qualities reinforcing our intention to live happy and joyful lives and to contribute to the joy and well-being of others.

In addition to The Wisdom Deck ~ A Buddhist Guide to Playing the Cards You’re Dealt Without Getting Lost in the Shuffle, Yoga of Compassion has also published The Wisdom Deck Book. The book is an easy-to-use portable reference softcover book that contains the same material as the 52-card deck.

The Wisdom Deck | Price: $19.99



The Wisdom Deck Book | Price: $7.99

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The Wisdom Deck Book is available at Meditation Retreat Centers, Independent Booksellers, and on Amazon.

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