“When I feel lonely and afraid, I find a way to
let go of struggling against it and turn to the compassion that lies
deep within my own heart”

~The Wisdom Deck, Self Compassion

The Wisdom Deck

The Wisdom Deck ~ A Buddhist Guide to Playing the Cards You’re Dealt Without Getting Lost in the Shuffle is a 52-card compilation of essential Buddhist teachings and practices. Each card is distilled into a concise format for clear understanding and easy reference. A descriptive supplementary book and a beautifully designed convenient box accompany the cards. The teachings and practices contained are designed to support anyone interested in developing a better understanding of a meditation practice and spiritual principles.

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Wisdom Blog: Generosity

Wisdon Card: Generosity

Generosity (dana) is the first Parami. It is one way to begin to cultivate an open response to life.

I’ve just returned home from a lovely visit in New Zealand where my family and I spent part of our time in the home of a local family that we barely knew. I can easily say that we experienced an open-hearted gift of shear generosity and hospitality.

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