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The Wisdom Blog is a collection of personal reflections on themes related to Mindfulness. At times, when I am particularly moved or inspired by another author or teacher I’ll post a summary of their work here for your musings and enjoyment.


Mindfulness (Sati) is being aware of the moment and “asking what is happening now?” -- in the body, through the senses and in the mind. Mindfulness is paying attention without judgment or wishing things were different. Rather it's bringing curiosity and acceptance to...

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Mindfulness of the Body

For most meditators the first introduction to mindfulness is mindfulness of breathing. This is a wonderful beginning to cultivating awareness of the body. Mindfulness of the breath strengthens our ability to concentrate and at the same time steadies our attention in...

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Lovingkindness (Metta) practice is a tool or a support that we can use to cultivate a deeper sense of love and acceptance for ourselves no matter what is going on in and around us. As we become more mindful, we become more aware of what’s happening in our minds. We...

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Energy (Viriya) is one of the qualities of the Seven Factors of Awakening. It supports us on our spiritual paths to continue to practice, to continue to strive to be mindful and aware. It is easy to forget to be mindful. We numb out, procrastinate or get lost in this...

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Compassion (Karuna) is one of the deepest and most powerful qualities of The Four Radiant States of Mind (Brahma Viharas) and it is a quality that we can develop more deeply to be with those we love dearly, those we don’t really know at all, and with all of humanity...

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Generosity (Dana) is the first Parami. It is one way to begin to cultivate an open response to life. I’ve just returned home from a lovely visit in New Zealand where my family and I spent part of our time in the home of a local family that we barely knew. I can easily...

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