Wisdom Card: Wisdom



Wisdom is a quality or state of being
that embodies wise knowing of what is true or natural
coupled with discernment and insight.

Wisdom is putting aside both the desire
to increase pleasant experiences,
and the urge to resist unpleasant experiences.

Wisdom is deep understanding or clarity, rather
than a learned storehouse of knowledge.

Through meditation, we have the opportunity
to know the mind and look beneath the
mirage of its activity and then restrain
the worry, impatience and conceit.


I understand my actions (kamma) have consequences,
therefore I act with wise intention.

When I move beyond my innate opinions,
reactions and biases, and respond with
open-hearted kindness, I am practicing wisdom.

When I understand the nature of my mind,
delusion changes into wisdom.

In practicing wisdom, I remove the fuel of
neediness and craving, and
wise knowing becomes available to me.

When I yoke wisdom with compassion
I find ultimate and supreme wisdom.