Wisdom Card: Tranquility



Tranquility is an antidote to restlessness and worry
Tranquility is the soothing factor of mind that quiets the disturbances.
It is felt as peacefulness in both the mind and the body.

One may experience a joy that moves into calm ease.
Tranquility is soothing and comes from peace and well-being.
With tranquility the nervous system calms down.

Tranquility is soft, effortless, and peaceful.
It is a state of not needing anything more.

Sometimes calm and tranquility may feel like boredom.
Notice when the mind reaches for something to stimulate it.

Nature can be very tranquil.

When a mind is tranquil a natural genuineness,
honesty and freedom from duplicity are present.


When I find myself in a state of excitement, agitation or distraction,
I recognize this as my mind without tranquility.

May I develop calm through relaxing and settling into my present experience.

When my body relaxes, my mind becomes stable,
I experience tranquility.

Cultivating a calm and balanced mind,
I can find composure in the midst of difficulty.