Wisdom Card: The Noble Eight-Fold Path

The Noble Eight-Fold Path

Ariya Atthangika Magga

The path that leads to the end of suffering

Wise Understanding
Seeing and understanding things as they really are—
impermanent and imperfect. Recognizing actions have consequences.

Wise Intention
Committing to ethical actions of kindness
and compassion in body, mind and speech.

Wise Speech
Abstaining from false, slanderous, harsh, sarcastic speech
and idle chatter that lacks purpose. Telling the truth in
a warm and friendly manner and speaking only when appropriate.

Wise Action
Refraining from harming others or taking what is not given freely.
Being respectful and safe regarding sexual relationships.
Acting kindly, compassionately and honestly.

Wise Livelihood
Choosing actions and a vocation that are in tune with
increasing what is good and helpful and decreasing harmfulness.

Wise Effort
An energetic determination to let go of unwholesome states of mind
and to cultivate wholesome, positive states of mind.

Wise Mindfulness
Cultivating a mind that is present, open, quiet, and alert to this moment.
An awareness of an ability to actively observe thoughts
and choose intention.

Wise Concentration
Developing wholesome consciousness and a state where
mental faculties are unified and directed and the mind stable and clear.
Concentration is strengthened through meditation practice.