Wisdom Card: Self Compassion

Self Compassion

When I recognize my inherent discontent or the wish
for something to be different, I say to myself
“this is suffering”
and I treat this notion with love and compassion.

When I feel the pain of my life, I no longer run or hide
or find avenues of avoidance. Instead, I trust my
suffering as a gateway to greater compassion.

I can connect with my own deep tenderness by
allowing myself to be with other’s pain and suffering.

When I recognize my self-judging mind or victimhood
mentality, I recognize my own wounded heart.
In this moment, I find the courage to be open
and tender towards myself.

When I feel lonely and afraid, I find a way to let go of
struggling against it and turn to the compassion that
lies deep within my own heart.

In knowing my deepest suffering, I allow myself
to open to my quivering and compassionate heart.