Wisdom Card: Rousing Wind Horse

Rousing Wind Horse

Awakening Confidence Practice

A beautiful practice to use in the morning,
or when you are ‘caught’ or ‘hooked,’ or
whenever you are afraid, or anytime at all.

Begin with a meditation posture,
close your eyes and begin.

Allow yourself to be completely present, silently
ask “where am I right now?” Be completely
honest with yourself. You may feel good, bad, dull,
or alert. Be open to wherever you are.

Soften and open to this present experience.
Give space and warmth to whatever is happening.
You can expand your heart and mind limitlessly,
far beyond the hopes and fears of ‘me.’
Far beyond the cocoon of “for me” and
“against me.” Have confidence that you
can dispel your own darkness.

Open your eyes abruptly and radiate out.
Let warmth and spaciousness radiate out
to all beings and the earth itself. This is
the non-aggressive, tender hearted,
confidence in your longing heart to help others.

You are a spark of goodness, trust yourself!