Wisdom Card: Resolve



Resolve is an inner determination
and the ability to have a strong and clear intention.

When we set our mind to directing our actions towards
wholesome qualities of the heart and mind, we practice resolve.

We strengthen the power of resolve when we recognize that we are ‘off course’
and we come back into alignment with our aspiration.

Resolve is moving through the difficulties and challenges that life brings
with wholesome aspiration and motivation.

Having resolve is not about accomplishing or succeeding.
It is not about failure or defeat. Resolve is a living and dynamic quality,
it is the heart responding to life with strength and clarity.


When I encounter laziness or inertia,
I find the energy to recommit myself to practicing awareness.

My intention is to cultivate generosity and to train in peace.

Just for today, I resolve to act from a natural sense of love and compassion.