Wisdom Card: Renunciation



Happiness is not attained through
having, acquiring or storing something.
As we develop the strength of clarity to see
that things and experiences do not lead to
ultimate happiness, we find peace
in moment-to-moment awareness.

Renunciation is letting go of the
gratification of getting what we want,
and the mental habit of wanting itself.

Renunciation asks us to look at
habits that limit and enslave us.

Renunciation allows us to see craving for what it is,
and gives us the wisdom to relinquish its hold on us.


I recognize that what I have is adequate.
It is enough. When I reach for more
I lose my perspective and my balance.

I let go of my attachments to status, beliefs,
opinions and assumptions as to who I am.

I cultivate contentment and inner strength to
be with things as they are, rather than focus
on the way it is not.

I’m enough! Right now, always and
in every moment.