Wisdom Card: Preparing for Death

Preparing for Death

The time has come. Death is approaching.
My body loses power, it becomes weak as the earthly element dissolves.
Knowledge of earthly activity becomes obscure and unclear.
Images of the past, present and future begin to merge together.
My body begins to shrink and the water element dries.
Salvia, sweat, urine and blood deteriorate.
I lose my cognitive ability to feel pleasure, pain or neutrality.
The element of fire extinguishes and I no longer desire food or drink.
The names and affairs of those close to me no longer have resonance.
My inhalations become weak and exhalations strong.
The wind element of movement diminishes, my physical actions still, breath fades.
The world and my understanding of it dissolves.
My internal light sputters and becomes small.
Consciousness moves up through the central channel
of the physical body that once held me.
My heart drops, darkness spreads through the body.
There is no ‘me.’
Emptiness . . . Letting go
The clear light of death is present, spaciousness abounds.
A release . . . into the mystery.
Freedom and liberation.