Wisdom Card: Patience



Patience is not mindlessly enduring; it is the gentle application
of steady perseverance.

Patience comes from inner strength and consistency.
When we hold difficult times as opportunities
we can build capacity for deep patience.

Patience has the qualities of forgiveness, understanding and trust.
It opens our hearts to the suffering heart of another.

Patience has a character of acceptance. The activity of patience is to
to meet and be with the desirable and undesirable.
Patience is taking wise action in what we value,
it is not resignation or fear or collapse or giving up.

Patience is firm and steady in the face of uncertainty or undesirable situations.
When we have patience we do not shrink in defeat or struggle or fight,
for opposition is delusion.


When I let go of having or wanting things a particular way,
I find the freedom of practicing patience and trusting life.

I find my inner patient self when I notice an impulse to react
and instead I relax into acceptance and kindness.

I accept what is happening right now and refrain from unskillful acts.
I maintain steady perseverance despite what I perceive as difficulty.