Wisdom Card: Mindfulness



Being mindful is an antidote to aversion

Mindfulness is being aware and receptive in the
present moment without judgment. It is cultivating a
steady awareness and not forgetting where we are,
what we are doing and who we are with.

Mindfulness always arises in the context of
a relationship with ourselves,
with others or with things.

Mindfulness is relaxing in the present moment and
being with what is. Mindfulness is also remembering our
inherent wisdom and responding skillfully.

Mindfulness remedies our attitude of resistance,
rejection or destruction. A condemning mind leads
to aversive states of rage, hatred, anger,
ill-will, animosity, annoyance, irritation and fear.

Subtle states of aversion include sorrow, sadness
and grief. All the various states of aversion are
conditioned reactions to what we find unpleasant.


When I am mindful, my body is relaxed and open
and my mind is aware and alert.

When my mind rests in the present moment
without desire for something to be different,
I am practicing mindfulness.