Wisdom Card: Mindfulness of Body

Mindfulness of the Body

This body is a temporary vessel through which
we experience the activities of the body and mind.
The body is made up of anatomical parts and elements
that combine into physical form to carry us on this journey.
It is our work to become acutely aware of the parts
and elements of the physical body.
Through this awareness combined with breath,
we connect the body with our heart and mind.

Our task is to study the components of our human form
and become acquainted with them intimately
and at the same time recognize their inherent impermanence.
They will change, break down, die and decay.
We contemplate, embrace and marvel
at the changing nature of this human body,
as a temporary vessel that allows for
an intimate understanding of life and death.

As we bring greater awareness to the body and breath
we awaken to a deeper knowing and a felt sense of
what is happening in the mind.
Through this mind-body awareness we build
a greater capacity to observe thoughts as they arise and
see the true nature of mind as ever changing.
When we ground or anchor our experience of the present moment
through mindfulness of the body we protect against
distraction, attachment and clinging.