Wisdom Card: Mindfulness of Mind

Mindfulness of Mind

In mindfulness of mind we first develop awareness of
the three unwholesome states of mind.
They are greed and lust, hatred and anger,
ignorance and delusion (bewilderment and confusion).
In addition to recognizing these unwholesome states of mind and when they are present,
it is equally important to notice when they are absent.
It is when they are absent that we experience a wholesome state of mind.

Through mindfulness we cultivate the ability to remain receptively aware
of these wholesome and unwholesome states so that the mind can
remain free and unattached from them as they arise and pass away.

After recognizing wholesome and unwholesome states of mind
we then become mindful of both the contraction of mind in sloth and
the distraction of mind in restlessness.
As we develop this capacity we no longer get lost in
or become identified with either of these states.
The mind then finds the balance necessary for deeper concentration
and higher states of mind that follow.

Being mindful of all these states when they arise is the path to freedom.
Through bare attention and mirror-like wisdom,
we see their ephemeral, impermanent, and selfless nature.
Simply noticing the general quality of the mind as it is influenced by different mind states, moods or emotions is sufficient for liberation.
A liberated mind experiences mental freedom, calm and insight.

Adapted from: “Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening” by Joseph Goldstein