Wisdom Card: Living with Uncertainty

Living with Uncertainty or Don’t Know Mind

Life is chaotic, unstable, dynamic, uncertain and challenging.

We can find ways to be comfortable with not knowing what the future holds.
It takes being fully present, feeling the quivering nature of your heart and
staying with experience without expectation or an attachment to the outcome.

Living with uncertainty takes courage.
The truth is, everything is uncertain, except death.

We can choose to be tossed around by the drama of our lives
and let emotions control us
or to be a spectator of the drama and tune into the energy
of the thoughts and emotions as they come and go.


When I grow anxious or afraid in the face of not knowing an answer or outcome I interrupt my thoughts and recognize they are just that, thoughts.
I have many. It’s okay not to know.

Life has moments of uneasiness and sometimes these moments seem to last forever.
Rather than running away, numbing out or being in denial,
I allow myself to be curious and lean in and ask “What’s this about?”

I accept and welcome the fundamental ambiguity of this human experience without any judgment of “this is right or this is wrong,” it just is.

I let go of my resistance to the place I find myself in right now. Instead, I relax into not knowing what’s ahead, how I’m going to get out of this mess or whether or not I have the capacity to fix anything. I just don’t know, and that’s okay.

When I am fearful and afraid, I let go. I can be comfortable with uncertainty.