Wisdom Card: Joy



Joy is an antidote to doubt, complacency or tension

We can increase joy by looking for it and bringing
it into our lives, knowing we deserve to be happy
and those around us deserve to be happy.

Joy is a natural result of investigating the mind and bringing
energy to our awareness. We can incline the mind towards joy by
purposefully finding beauty in nature.

When we judge, compare or fix others or ourselves,
it blocks the quality or sense of joy.

Joy does not ignore the world of injustice, racism or poverty.
Instead, joy contributes to being present and compassionate.

Joy is realized when we are generous, serving others and
invite creativity to flow out, back, through and around us.


When I let go of needing to be someone or
taking myself too seriously,
I allow joy and humor to be present.

When I cultivate conditions to stay present, calm, tranquil,
and relaxed, I incline my mind towards joy.

When I shift my attention from grief,
sorrow and discontent and embody loving-kindness and peace
for myself and others, I open to joy.