Wisdom Card: Investigation



Investigation alleviates doubt or
a distracted state of mind

Investigation is interest combined with
discriminating wisdom. It is like a flashlight that
illuminates reality. It reveals the nature of
experience and phenomena.

When we see clearly, we have perspective and know
if we are moving in a useful direction or not.

Through investigation we know when to act,
when to rest and how to balance the practice.
Investigation allows discernment between what is skillful
and non-skillful. Investigation is not an intellectual
pursuit or working to figure things out.

Investigation is used to look at emotions that might
feed aversive mind states like feelings of hurt
or self-righteousness. Sometimes fear is underneath
anger and feeding it. Becoming mindful of the
feelings often unlocks patterns. Investigation is also
discrimination of wholesome and unwholesome mental states.


I trust the process and practice of investigation
to reveal what is happening in this moment and the next.

When I find myself at a crossroads, I recognize that
there is no need to solve it or figure things out.
I can rest in the unknown.