Wisdom Card: Impermanence



One of the Three Characteristics of Existence

The body is an infinite collection of living cells moving, multiplying,
and dying.
The mind is thoughts, perceptions, feelings never ceasing, ever
changing, a flow of mental experience.
Things that surround you, the seat, the room, and objects are a mass of
particles that only appear solid and static.

Everything is impermanent.

Beyond the city, the country: its trees, hills, mountains, forests and
deserts are all changing, growing, transforming and ceasing.
Oceans, rivers, streams are all moving, flowing, changing course,
direction and substance.
People, animals, insects all grow, change, die.

The earth, the universe and galaxies beyond are forever evolving,
expanding, disintegrating, and disappearing.

Cultivate a clear, strong feeling of the ever-changing nature of all
things. Bring stillness to the mind, contemplate the
impermanence of all people, places, things, even this life.
Rouse thoughts and insights that it is unrealistic to cling
to things as if they were permanent.
Nothing is permanent.

Whatever is beautiful and pleasing will change and eventually disappear.
In the same way, whatever is unpleasant or disturbing is not forever. It will change too.
There is no lasting happiness by grasping to things that change.
Allow the mind to expand and develop an acceptance of Impermanence.