Wisdom Card: Humility



Humility is a quality of the heart that is patient, compassionate and authentic in its sincerity. Humility is a willingness to hear the truth, however unpleasant it might be.

Humility is letting go of the idea that you are the center of the universe.

Being humble allows us to open and become aware of the interconnection between all sentient beings. Humility is the attitude of experiencing the world and everything it contains with wonder and awe. It is about seeing ourselves as a small part of a vast cosmos, inhabited by people and creatures from whom we can learn and grow.

Humility is freedom from ego and leads to a deep inner peace.
When we are humble, we freely express our love for one another without any conditions or expectations of getting something in return.


In the spirit of humility, I have the courage and freedom to say,
“I have made a mistake,” “I don’t know,” “I was wrong,” “Please forgive me.”

As I shift my perception from ‘me’ to ‘other,’ I find delight in letting go of ‘me.’

The decisions I make are based on deep respect for life and humankind and what is fair and just, without regard to my image or what others may think of me.

When I can let go of ‘me’ and my projections, perceptions, fantasies, desires and aversions,
I rest easy in spaciousness and open-minded awareness.