Wisdom Card: Honesty



Honesty asks us to look at the nature of our thoughts,
attitudes and biases through introspection and meditation.

It is the ability to see or
know things in an undistorted way.

When we have integrity and act honestly,
we are being true to our word.
When we are honest we build trust in ourselves knowing
we have purpose and an ability to contribute in meaningful ways.

Honesty provides a good conscience and is both a pleasure and a relief.
Honesty is a powerful antidote to strain and stress.

Honesty doesn’t need to be strident or blunt.
It can be subtle, considered and refined.

Honesty is the intention just before speaking to
refrain from telling lies, reporting rumors or gossiping.


Before speaking I ask myself: Is what I am about to say true, kind, or necessary?
Then I ask: Is this the right moment to speak up?

When I am straightforward and honest, I find my inner truth and quiet strength.