Wisdom Card: Gratitude


Gratitude is a feeling or attitude of gratefulness or appreciation for
the conditions of one’s life or the gifts one has received.
The more we deepen our awareness and appreciation,
the more spontaneous and profound our gratitude will be.

Gratitude is a form of openness and generosity that strengthens
relationships and eases tension, resentment and anger.

Gratitude is the wisdom of knowing that we are not independent,
we are connected to one another and through connection
we have a greater capacity to offer mutual support.

When we practice gratitude it brings delight and helps to balance
a tendency to focus on the negative or a distorted view of life.


I am grateful for the family, friends, teachers, benefactors,
and all those who have come before me who have made it possible
for my existence, comfort, education and safety.

Rather than focusing on what is wrong or irritating,
I focus on what is good or going well in my life.
I embody an experience of gratitude to soften my heart and open my mind.

As I adopt a state of selfless gratitude to emerge and grow,
my mind becomes more spacious and quiet and
I consciously release fear or desire and the idea that I need something else.

I relax and rejoice in the simple pleasures of my natural breath,
my beating heart and for this precious gift of being alive.
I am grateful for my life.