Wisdom Card: Ethical Conduct

Ethical Conduct


Ethics are guidelines for living. Sometimes called virtues
or moral conduct they contribute to
self-discipline and help steer our
thoughts, actions and speech.

Ethical conduct is a commitment to
social justice, equality and contributing to
the healing of our world.

These standards lend clarity and power to our lives.
They allow us freedom from unwholesome distractions and the
opportunity to live positively, to grow spiritually, and
to naturally help others along the way.

In practicing sila we refrain from unwise actions by
doing good deeds, being generous and giving selfless
service to benefit other beings.


I practice doing no harm and seek to do only good
and to support, cherish and protect life.

I practice not taking what is not offered freely, living
more simply, less selfishly and with greater awareness
of the welfare of others.

I practice abstaining from false or harmful speech and
aim for honesty, truthfulness and kindness.

I practice abstaining from sexual misconduct and
show respect for my partner, others, and myself in
healthy sexual expressions.

I practice refraining from ingesting intoxicants and
commit to living an awake, aware and responsible life.