Antidote to indifference, worry and busy mind

Equanimity describes a state of balance.
Even when things don’t go as planned,
equanimity imbues the mind with a calm radiance.

Equanimity is freedom from all points of self-reference.
It is indifference only to the demands of the ego-self and
its craving for pleasure and position.
Equanimity is not indifference or unconcern for others.

An equanimous mind accepts the fact of pain in the world.
It understands that suffering and cruelty are part of this world
and it engages and responds anyway.

Equanimity is the culmination and perfection of the divine abodes of
loving-kindness, compassion, and altruistic joy.


I can experience equanimity when I feel
a deep sense of letting go.

When my mind is free of the habit of grasping or pushing away,
I know I can handle whatever comes my way.

With equanimity my mind is calm and still, unperturbed and unruffled.