Wisdom Card: Energy



Energy protects one from complacency, fear and discouragement
Antidote to procrastination and distraction

Energy is reaching deep inside ourselves and
reconnecting with our highest purpose again and again.

Energy is aroused when we maintain interest, whether it be
interest in our breath or the parade of life as it marches by.

Energy is an antidote to despair; it strengthens our inner resolve
and the belief that we can make a difference in the world.

Energy is not straining or striving. It is balanced and appropriate,
knowing when to relax and when to move forward.

Energy is not being constantly busy; busyness is a distraction
from mindfulness and the quest towards awakening.


I have faith in myself and therefore
the energy to pursue my worldly and spiritual goals.

I know what needs to be done and through steady determination,
I continue on the path knowing everything is waiting for me.

When I focus my effort on serving others and
alleviating suffering, I find ease and happiness.