Wisdom Card: Concentration



Freedom from agitation and restlessness

Concentration is a quality of mind that is soft, still and open.
With concentration the mind is malleable and flexible.
Concentration fine-tunes all other mindfulness factors.
It builds the stability to have deeper insight into the changing nature of things.

Concentration is also the unification of the mind. It is mental stability and a mind without distraction. Concentration is steadying the mind on a single object, a one-pointedness, directed to changing objects moment to moment.

One way to develop or arouse concentration is to become aware of
when it is present and when it is not.
A practitioner may also reflect and practice ethical conduct (sila),
or reflect on this precious life.

One may strengthen concentration through dedicated meditation practice
on long retreat and through continuous daily practice,
building stability on the breath or meditation objects.

A dedicated practitioner can experience strong concentrated states of
loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity.
In this mind state, one is free of limiting perceptions, hostility and ill will.

With concentration the mind is prepared and open for liberation and freedom.