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Energy if one of the qualities of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment.  It supports us on our spiritual paths to continue to practice, to continue to strive to be mindful and aware. It is easy to forget to be mindful. We numb out, procrastinate or get lost in this busy...

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I have a friend who is slowly loosing her husband to cancer. When I think of her my heart goes out. Literally, I can feel my heart soften and become tender when I feel her pain. Because, I have walked in her shoes. Compassion (Karuna) is one of the deepest and most...

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Generosity (dana) is the first Parami. It is one way to begin to cultivate an open response to life.   I’ve just returned home from a lovely visit in New Zealand where my family and I spent part of our time in the home of a local family that we barely knew. I can...

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